Red Valise is an artist collective that exists to support and sustain art with art. Acting as a record label and production company, Red Valise releases the music and films of independent artists whose work represents a collaborative effort spanning various methods and modes of the arts. The generous and free creative exchange so natural to being human fuels our work and allows us to present our small and loving offering to the world.
  • The short film/music video Bullet Train is an official selection of the Indie Gathering International Film Festival and winner of Best Rock Video 2012. Directed by Akron-based filmmaker Miriam Bennett, produced by Moving Studio and Red Valise, Bullet Train features Cleveland filmmaker and actor Darryl Dickenson, Kate Tucker, and Luke Tucker. Indie Gathering International Film Festival takes place in Hudson, Ohio August 17-19.  Bullet Train screens on August 18, 2012.

    Director Miriam Bennett is an associate professor of Media Arts and Studies at Cuyahoga Community College. Bullet Train is one of seven Kate Tucker music videos she’s made with her Moving Studio production company. “We’ve filmed almost exclusively in Akron and when we’ve been elsewhere (like Seattle, New York, or Los Angeles) we’ve always had some sort of Northeast Ohio presence.” says Kate Tucker who was born in Akron, but has made her musical home in Seattle, Washington and now Nashville, Tennessee.  

    Bullet Train’s entire cast and crew are from the Akron/Cleveland area and the shoot took place in areas in and around Akron, Ohio, including Suffield Township where Kate grew up with her brother Luke, who plays the hunter in the video. Akron’s Stagecoach Antiques is featured in the opening scene and the graveyard is in Quail Hollow State Park. “My brother and I spent countless hours exploring the trails of Quail Hollow, located just across the street from our childhood home. I was so excited when I convinced him to play a role in the video.  I think being in a familiar surrounding made it more comfortable for all of us, as opposed to being on a movie set.”

    The song Bullet Train is from Kate Tucker’s White Horses LP released on Red Valise Recordings.  Steph Mukenyi Wahome will be representing Moving Studio at the screening on August 18.  Kate Tucker and Miriam Bennett are available for interviews via or